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  • Tube & Pipe

    Tube & Pipe

    Your ‘ONE STOP’ metal processing supplier of all HF Welding Products and Consumables that will improve your manufacturing processes and operating efficiency. Our comprehensive range includes Induction Coils, Impedors & Casings, Ferrite Cores and Scarfing Products

  • Ferrites


    HR4B ferrite cores have been specially developed for the HF welding application and offer the highest performance stability under harsh conditions

  • Casings


    STE impedors utilise different kinds of casing materials for the welding application in question. Our new Weld-Guard casing offers extended life and resistance to weld spume sticking to the impedor covers.

  • Inductors


    STE offers induction coils for all kinds of HF welding generators, both vacuum tube and solid state technology. Not only can we supply round coils we also have innovative designs for profile mills with ‘multi-height’ design and quick change features

  • Impedors


    We offer the widest range of impedors in terms of design and size range availability. We cater for the smallest welded tubes (typically around 10mm) up to the largest oil/gas API products. In one project we have successfully supplied an impedor manifold for 660mm x 25mm wall thickness. Whatever your requirement is we are confident we can meet your needs

  • Scarfing


    STE offers a full range of OD scarfing inserts for tube and profiles and edge millings insert for large diameter ERW mills and SAW production lines. We also offer selected tool holders and cutting rings for ID scarfing

  • Saw Blades

    Saw Blades

    Designed to provide maximum performance we saw in the cut, coated and uncoated, requests are made in the form of suitable number of teeth and teeth. Also provided services in CNC grinding and threading.

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